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Donor Tools helps your non-profit take the next step.

Donor Tools is for people that have used spreadsheets and notepads for years. Those tools get the job done but they consume a lot of time. Time that’s better spent advancing the mission.

It’s not that you haven't heard all about “donor management” systems. The thing is, you really don’t need everything they offer. The prices are sky high and they take weeks to set up and learn. God forbid you take a vacation - who’s going to run the donor management platform?

We’re one of you. Donor Tools is built by a small team of people that are actively involved with various non-profits. We’re church leaders, animal lovers, charity volunteers, members of civic groups… We’ve filled out the spreadsheets and stuffed the envelopes. Important work, but also work that good software can make much more efficient.

Donor Tools captures donations very quickly and very simply. It allows you to set up online giving in just a few minutes and we keep the rates low because every penny counts for non-profits. If you need to know who gave what, when, how…it’s very simple to look that up. Year end giving reports are a snap.

Donor Tools isn’t fancy. It is highly refined. Nothing makes it into the software that isn’t mission critical. It’s exactly what you need, nothing more. Everything is easy to understand, there’s no complex set up, and no training necessary.

We love non-profits. We hope Donor Tools can help yours!